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  • Sonora ISD Superintendent of Schools

    Sonora ISD is a high achieving PK – 12th grade school system that currently serves 695 students. Striving for academic excellence is an ongoing expectation for every student and staff member on both of our campuses, as evident in our District’s “A” State Accountability Rating. Our close-knit community takes tremendous pride in keeping Bronco tradition alive within our little town. Although Sonora is small in size, the community involvement has a huge impact on our lives. It is comforting to know you can still rely on your neighbors and trust the community will come together to ensure Sonora continues to thrive. 

    Sonora and Sutton County provide ample hunting opportunities and has some of the best native and exotic hunting in the state of Texas. Sonora is located just a few hours from San Antonio and Austin, and one hour from San Angelo. The quiet neighborhoods and unique scenery of rolling hills intertwined with West Texas Charm offers an ideal place to call home.

    Sonora ISD recognizes the complex challenge of empowering students to succeed in a world of rapid change and is committed to meeting the ever-changing demands of 21st-century education. We are a family, a community, a team; we dedicate ourselves and our resources to provide every child with every opportunity to become more tomorrow than can be imagined today.

    Core Beliefs:
    1. Students are the focus and drive of every action and decision made on our campuses. 
    2. Integrity, accountability, and character are crucial in promoting responsible, contributing members of society.
    3. Collaboration with families and the community play a vital role in supporting the academic and emotional well-being of every student. 
    4. Innovation and continuous improvement are essential to ensure that every student reaches their social and academic potential. 
    5. Students must feel valued and safe to effectively learn.  

    Facts & Figures:
    “Met Standard” 7 Consecutive Years – 2014 through 2020
    2017-2018 – District Rating “B” 87
    2018-2019 – District Rating “A” 94
    2018-2019 – Sonora Middle School “All 7 Distinction Designations”
    2018-2019 – Sonora ISD Scored 100% in “Closing the Achievement Gap Domain”

    Student Enrollment 695
    Attendance Rate 96.4%
    Student Ethnicity:
    Hispanic 74.3%
    White 24.7%
    Other 1%
    Economically Disadvantaged 61.8%
    Total Employees 121
    Teachers 69
    Aides 21
    Campus Admin 3
    Central Office 1
    Professional Support 8
    Support Staff 21
    2020-2021 Local Budget $10,607,984
    2020-2021 Tax Rate M&O - $0.931 I&S - $0.0545
    2020-2021 Net Value $648,500,000
    General Fund Balance $13,287,571
    Unassigned Fund Balance $7,287,571

    The Sonora ISD Board of Trustees is seeking an educational leader to serve as the Superintendent of Schools.  The successful candidate must possess the following qualifications:
    o Texas superintendent certified
    o Superintendent experience preferred
    o Experience working in Texas schools
    o Central Office and/or Principal experience preferred
    o Must be willing to live in the district

    Salary: Negotiable
    Benefits: Negotiable
    Contract Length: 3 years
    Professional Dues: Up to 3 professional organizations
    Moving Expense: Negotiable

    Criminal History/Background: Required
    Residence Requirement: Must live in district (house furnished)
    Application Package Must include:
    • Letter of Interest
    • Current Resume
    1. Include Educational Experience
    2. Include Description of Major Accomplishments in Career
    3. Include Educational Philosophy
    List of 5 References and Contact Information
    College/University Transcripts
    Copies of Teaching Certification(s)
    Criminal Background Check

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